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Coxon's History

If you’re a newcomer to Casa Grande, it might take you a while to discover Coxon’s—a quaint building with a sort of “old-time” charm—the kind of place that makes you feel like it would appear on the town map—like a National Historic Landmark. Of course, the “old-timers” around town know the Coxon's—they know Quentin, his son, Brad, and they know Brad’s sons, T.J. and Cole. It’s almost like this family owned and operated business has remained a solid, impressive rock throughout 25 years of growing pains within the town.

In 1950, Quentin Coxon established the business at 5-Points in Casa Grande. He was then associated with Western Auto, specializing in flooring and hardware. Prior to that, he was Casa Grande’s first city mail carrier. In 1967, he purchased the present building from O’Malleys, and the story began there at 99 N. Sacaton Street, in downtown Casa Grande. Mary E. and Quentin raised their children—Gregory, Jed, Jennifer, and Brad—in a family tradition. Quentin says he has seen many changes in the town since 1950. “This community has been good to us,” he says, “and we believe in giving back to our town.” He refers to forty years of active service in the Casa Grande community. Now retired, Quentin says he still can be found around the place. “It was April 1st, 1989 when I turned the business over to Brad, but I’m here quite a bit…I like to be around to see old friends.” As for Brad, running the business is second nature to him. “I’ve always loved it. I went to college for five years—could have done anything. This is what I wanted to do,” he said. Brad adds, “We’re here for our customers, like the old-time family doctors who made house calls. At times a customer will call us at 10:00 PM and they’re having a real problem and need a part or some advice. We take care of them. That’s the kind of service that has built and continues to build our business.”

Stop in and say hello to the fine folks at Coxon’s and remember them for flooring, hardware, and building materials.

Excerpt from Pinal County Shopper, March 21, 1992
by Peggy Benz

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Coxon's Flooring and Building Materials has been in Casa Grande since 1950. Our family owned business encourages you to buy local so the dollars you spend get put back into our communities. See how we are involved in our communities...